Future Security Event

Israel's first ever event for AI & Big Data HLS solutions

A week of live demonstrations roadshow –In Israel!

The field of Homeland Security has benefited significantly from the use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis. AI techniques and information analysis improve overall security performance where conventional security systems can be slow and unsatisfactory, providing better protection from threats, crime, and accidents.

The applications of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are quite broad and the technology is constantly evolving. What is clear is that the future is already here, and decision-makers at the security level cannot afford to ignore this technology, which changes the rules of the game.

We invite you to participate in the upcoming September in Future Security - a boutique event where you will be able to witness a variety of innovative, leading Israeli technologies and solutions in these fields.

Mr. Eyal Levy 


Homeland Security & Aerospace

Israel Export Institute

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