First Stage - Drones Scene: 

Tow drownes with field observation capability (already in place) detecting a vehicle and sending a signal to the identifying drone (with zoom lens).

Axon Vision

At Axon-Vision Labs we will expose delegations to cutting edge AI & Neural Networks capabilities that we develop. We will change visitors perception and open their mind to Artificial Intelligence.


Digital investigations nowadays involve more and more photo and video data. With the rise of photo sharing apps and the ever-growing storage size in digital devices, it is not uncommon that a digital investigation involving just a few devices, may contain hundreds of thousands and even millions of photos as-well-as hundreds of hours of video.


The live demo will demonstrate Cortica’s Smart Camera GUI—an advanced surveillance system that provides real-time face detection and recognition in the crowd.


Solocate will perform a live demonstration of its new and advanced acoustic system – “MAY”.
The system will detect and geo-locate gunfire events in real-time with high accuracy.


UVeye is a leading AI-based technology company which creates automatic inspection systems for vehicles. The company's systems are deployed in dozens of sensitive facilities for tightening Homeland security and safety and also the automotive industry around the world.


We will demonstrate how humans can fly in just under 5 minutes of training using advanced XR and Drones technology.